Survival Guide

for TEFL Teachers in China 

Our Objectives 

To educate UK society on Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture in a passionate, professional and practical environment. We understand the direct relationship between a culture and its language. By nurturing this relationship, we aim to help people better connect with not only with the Mandarin language and Chinese people but also with the fascinating history and culture that goes with it, promoting an overall positive image of China.                  

'' Prep Pack ''

The Preparation Package

The demand for English teachers in China is a dominating and growing one. 


This survival guide service is designed specifically for teachers looking to live and work in China.

Arriving in China, new teachers not only have to adjust to a new country, a new language and a new culture, worlds apart from their own, they also have to adapt to a new job, a new work environment and new people, all at the same time. Although this can be exhilarating, it can also be very overwhelming. Our goal is to reduce this initial “shock” feeling.

This short intensive course will cover topics such as key survival phrases, self-introduction in Mandarin as well as recognition of some basic characters. We will introduce them to China as a country, educating them on cultural issues and social norms to be aware of providing information on locations as well as the use of VPNs and Chinese apps to use.

Preparing teachers in this way, before they get on the plane, will expose them to the language and culture they are about to be immersed in. This will allow them to connect with the local people faster and easier once they land in China, helping to ensure a more positive first experience. More importantly it allows recruits to focus their energy on adjusting to their new work role as a teacher and forming good relationship with their students and colleagues.

Finally, we offer a safe and supportive environment for clients to ask any questions or talk about any fears and reservations they may have. 

  • Introduction to China

  • Introduction to Mandarin and History of Characters 

  • Learn to introduce yourself in Mandarin Chinese 

  • Greetings and terms of respect 

  • Key survival phrases 

  • Numbers 1-100, transport and directions, food, being sick,  

  • Festivals and Holidays 

  • Social norms and cultural issues 

  • The Chinese education system

  • Introduction to  饿了吗,支付宝 and other commonly used Apps. 

Standard Course

  • Duration: 3 weeks (Mon-Fri)

  • Total hours: 30 hours (10 hours per week) 

  • Total number of classes: 15 classes (5 classes per week, one class per day)

  • Class length: 2 hours per class 

  • Class size: 2 – 6 people 

  • Class time: flexible times (evening classes) 

Intensive Course

  • Duration: 1 week (Mon-Fri)

  • Total hours: 30 hours (6 hours per day, one hour break)

  • Total number of classes: 20

  • Class length: 1.5 hours

  • Class size: 2 – 4 people 

  • Class time: 9:00 – 16:00 (Mon-Fri)