Our Service

 Beginner  Training

One to one lessons are carefully designed by our experienced teachers for your specific learning needs. Start your journey with this fascinating language by learning at a pace that suits you. We provide all the learning materials, support and encouragement you need to kick start your learning adventure. 

Communicating with a native speaker is the best way to help you achieve a natural and fluent ability in any language. Further develop your mandarin skills with more focus on listening, speaking and real-life situations.

Fluency  Training

Tests are a great way to measure your progress. Whether you're taking GCSE, A levels or any levels of HSK, studying with our tutors in a relaxed supportive environment will ensure you're test ready and get the best results. 

Test Preparation Training

If you're planning to relocate or just visit China, make the most of your experience by having the basic skills needed to communicate with locals and immerse yourself in their culture. We train you in real-life scenarios, give you take-away language survival kit, even offer you some insightful tips about your destinations.

Travel or Relocation