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Why Has Chinese Cheongsam (旗袍) Culture Been Popular for Many Years?

Chinese cheongsam (or Qipao ) culture is one of the treasures of Chinese traditional culture. In the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese cheongsam culture appears mysterious and solemn, with a strong oriental flavor. Actually, cheongsam was the national uniform of the Republic of China, which was popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Many cheongsam experts regard the 1920s as the starting point of the popular Chinese cheongsam culture. In the 1930s, it reached its peak and soon spread from Shanghai, the birthplace, to all parts of China.

New Evolution and Reform of Chinese Cheongsam

Generally, the modern cheongsam is not the same as the past cheongsam. At the earliest time, the cheongsam worn by the people of the banner was usually extending no higher than the ankle. Only when the ancestors of the Qing Dynasty joined the customs and unified China did Qipao become popular in the Central Plains. Men wear long gowns and Mandarin jacket while women wear cheongsams. With the integration and unification of Manchu and Han people, Qipao was absorbed by Han women and was constantly innovated.

Qipao is an Important Cultural Link

Chinese cheongsam culture has been following the pace of the times since ancient times, carrying the civilization of Chinese cheongsam. With its slow flowing melody, graceful painting and rich poetry, it shows the virtuous, elegant, gentle and elegant character and temperament of Chinese women. Chinese cheongsam culture connects the past and future of China, the life and art of Chinese women, and the charm of Oriental beauty.

The Peak Period of Chinese Cheongsam Culture

The peak period of Chinese cheongsam culture can be tracked back in 1911 Revolution. Because of the influence of the 1911 Revolution, cheongsam began to spread rapidly throughout the country. From the late 1920s to the early 1930s, Chinese cheongsam absorbed the short gown prevalent in Western women's wear. The cheongsam also became shorter, its length was only over knee, its cuffs narrowed, and its hem narrowed. In the mid-1930s, the cheongsam gradually grew longer and even wore on the ground. The jag of both sides was very high, lined with waistcoat, the waist became very narrow, and even fitted to the body, showing a more feminine curve.

Changes of Chinese Cheongsam

In the 1940s, the Chinese cheongsam culture ushered in a new innovation. The length of the cheongsam was shortened again, while the sleeves of the cheongsam were so short that they were completely cut and turned into sleeveless, almost back to the era of long waistcoat 200 years ago. The difference was that they were more portable and fit, and became streamlined. In recent years, there have been new reforms in the style of cheongsam, such as back sleeve, shoulder-sewn cheongsam, dark pleated open cheongsam, short-sleeved cheongsam, sleeveless cheongsam and so on.

Why are Chinese cheongsams so popular?

Why has Chinese cheongsam culture been flourishing? In fact, this comes from the crazy love of Chinese women and foreign women for cheongsam. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, cheongsam was the national dress of Chinese women. The shape of the cheongsam is suitable for women's posture. The lines are simple and graceful. The cheongsam can be seen as the unique gospel of Chinese women since it always highlights women’s body beauty. Also, cheongsam is suitable for young and old to wear, suitable for the four seasons, elegant and popular appreciation.

Chinese Cheongsam Attracts the World with its Strong Oriental Beauty

Chinese cheongsam culture and Chinese style have always been the favorite of many fashion designers. The fact that cheongsam can capture the hearts of a large number of foreign women is based on some reasons. If Chinese cheongsam is made of small flowers, plain lattice and fine silk, it can show a gentle and steady charm; if it is made of brocade material, it can be used to welcome a guest or serve as a guest. So when Chinese cheongsam is on sale in Japan, France and other places, it is very popular with local women, who are desperate to buy cheongsam.

Nowadays, cheongsam keeps showing its beauty to the world with its rich national style and traditional costume art.

Cheongsam 旗袍 qí páo

Oriental beauty 东方美 dōng fāng měi

Curvy body 曲线身材 qū xiàn shēn cái

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