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Chinese Business Tea Ceremony Culture

Nowadays, drinking tea has become an indispensable part of Chinese business negotiation and meeting. It is a habit to drink tea in formal business and social occasions in China. The traditional tea ceremonies or rituals are also seen as an essential component in social interactions.It not only expresses the importance attached to partners, but also reflects self-cultivation. Perhaps in this process of tea tasting, the thoughts of each other are integrated into the edification of tea culture, which promotes the cooperation between the two sides in the business company. Therefore, as a business person, it is essential to pay attention to the tea etiquette.

Business tea ceremony etiquette notes

1. The host will ask the guest for advice before going to the tea, such as asking the guest what they want to drink. If there are no special taboos, you can choose one of several options offered by the host. If you are not used to drinking tea, you should explain it to the host in time.

2. If the host, especially the hostess or the elder gives you tea, you should stand up and hold your hands and say: “多谢”(Thank you). It’s not polite to ignore and not respond. If you are not able to get up when other person pours tea for you, you should at least smile or nod to express your gratitude.

3. During the business negotiation process, it’s better not to drink tea when talking with your partner. Because if you or the other person is talking, you suddenly turn to drink tea, it will not only interrupt the conversation, but also seems that you are not attentive.

How to drink tea during business conversation?

When you drink tea, you should taste it carefully, which not only reflects your own education, but also reflects the polite manner of treating others. After drinking a cup of tea, you should let it stay in the mouth and slowly swallow it. Instead of drinking it in one breath. Drinking tea in this way can only quench your thirst, but you can hardly talk about the taste of tea.

When holding a teacup, you should hold the cup ear with your right hand. If your cups without cup ears, you can hold the middle part of the cup with your right hand and hold the bottom of the cup with your left hand instead of holding the cup with both hands. When drinking tea, you should avoid swallowing the leaves of the tea. However, if you accidentally drink the leaves of the tea into your mouth, you can chew and eat it instead of spit it out.

When using a cup with a cup lid, you can use the lid to gently remove the floating tea leaves. If the tea is too hot, don't blow it or use another teacup to make tea. It is best to let the tea cool naturally. If the host introduces you to the tea you are drinking, you should gently observe the tea soup before drinking tea and express your feelings after drinking. For example, “这茶味道真好”(This tea tastes so good) , “茶喝起来很清新”(This tea is very fresh).

Use of tea ceremony in business activities

1. Etiquette in recent business activities plays a significant role in helping you to catch customers' attention and get approval from the boss. The business tea ceremony is to teach you how to use tea to impress customers and respect leaders.

2. How do you prepare tea when you entertain guests with a tea ceremony? What kind of tea set? How to use tea to express relationships and values ​​to customers? This is very insightful and, Marmalade Mandarin will help you face it all.

3. When the leader and colleagues are tired, you can express concern to them with a cup of hot tea. What kind of tea should be used to soothe the body and mind? What kind of way does the leader not feel embarrassed? In Marmalade Mandarin, you can get systematic learning and experience.

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