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China's most popular cartoon at the moment—Ne Zha

哪吒之魔童降世 (Nézhā zhī Mótóng Jiàngshì) which means 'Birth of the demon child Nezha,' also spelled as Nezha. By Sept 8, Ne Zha had broken the 4.8-billion-yuan mark, taking only 45 days to release. The film is bold and innovative based on the previous work, which not only retains the essence of Chinese traditional culture but also adds modern elements, making the culture to be displayed more acceptable to the audience.

Ne Zha's original legend

Like so many themes of Chinese movies, Nezha is a mythical figure in Chinese classical literature. He is one of the most famous gods on the "Feng Shen Bang," which also appears in other works, including "Journey to the West." According to these stories, Nezha was born in the military leader Li Jing's home and was able to speak and walk immediately after birth. Under the training of another famous Taoist literary figure Taiyi Zhenren, he later becomes embroiled in a conflict between the Dragon King and his own family. And then he suicided by his father's misunderstanding. Eventually, the Buddha used the lotus to reshape the body and regenerate the god.

Movie plot

Legend is that the two sides of the soul pearl can help to create a hero and a devil. The evil forces conspired to steal the soul pearls and inject the devil pearls into the Ne Zha. So the devil's nature is evident at the birth of Ne Zha, and also he has extraordinary strength and naughty enthusiasm. However, his parents believe that they can bring their son in the right way so that he can live out the short life he is destined to have. In the end, Ne Zha was touched by his parents' love, defeated the shackles of fate. He corrected his orginal mistakes and saved the lives of his hometown people with his power.

Evaluation of the film

The film has been subversively adapted to the classic "Nezha Conquers the Dragon King," but the film has a familiar, fresh, bloody and touching "Chinese story" in a way that is exceptionally complete and observable. "There's more than just production craftsmanship behind this record-breaking Chinese animation. There's also a resulting in the traditional Chinese culture and a creative way of expression." These are the words that the Chinese State news agency Xinhua used to describe the recent box office Phenomenon. Ne Zha is really a movie with a broad audience. Whether you are a child of a few years old or a mature adult, you can find your own happiness. Children can understand the laughter and easy-to-understand story of the grounding; the youth will admire the heroic spirit and the essence of inspiring fighting; the adults can generate a lot of thinking and encouragement. Audiences of all ages love to watch and buy accounts, not only for the fantastic Chinese style but also for the resonance of the role of fate and their own life experience.

Overall, if you want to see what the local Chinese are watching, Nezha is an excellent place to start and is being shown in the UK.

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