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Lingoace is an online Mandarin education structure recognized by Marmalade Mandarin.

We believe that Lingoace has more market competitiveness in the online Mandarin field.




# 1 Global Leader in online Chinese education market share 100000+ 

The common choice of 100,000+ overseas parents

According to children's language learning pattern and the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, our teaching and research team meticulously builds a complete learning loop-teaching, learning, practising, testing, and reporting to maximize the teaching effect.

Teaching: scene-based, immersive, story-based, game interactive 

Learning: Exercise Chinese thinking, learn Chinese in context, and guide children to think deeply in Chinese.

Practice: Preview, practice, review, and homework are four-in-one. Consolidate training for every unit, review the past and learn the new, and improve steadily. 

Test: Three major tests, including accurate assessment before class + monthly unit test + regular progress report. 

Report: Classroom performance feedback, homework correction, unit learning achievement tracking, and systematic assessment reports are all available.


LingoAce carefully selected teachers

At LingoAce, all teachers hold either a national qualification certificate or an international qualification certificate for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, as well as a certificate of Level 2 or above in Mandarin. Having a solid cross-cultural background, LingoAce understands the needs of overseas students. Our teaching team has an average of more than 5 years of online + offline, domestic + foreign teaching experience. 

Only 5% interviewee could pass our ultra-strictly screening process to become LingoAce teachers.

LingoAce Comprehensive service

Exclusive four-to-one course service including 1-course consultant, 1 academic management teacher,

1 teaching teacher and 1 technical support to support every single student, creates an
excellent learning experience.


Consultant —— matching teachers, planning curriculum

School management —— feedback on learning effect, coordination of various class problems 
Teachers —— customized teaching, special topic development, assignments, and corrections 
Technical support ——promptly solve any equipment and circuit problems encountered in the course

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