Tailored Service for Companies

This service allows you to participate in a programme combining team building activities with Mandarin learning opportunities. Practical learning and interactive games allow participants to grasp the language while also learn about Chinese culture. Well-organized immersive experience with a native Chinese tutor and team.

Business Course


100% Bespoken

Create a tailor-made course for your company, whatever your specific business purpose, industry or product.
A range of teaching styles and methods for you to choose from.
Courses advised by top researchers and advisory board in the TCSL area.


Team-Building Activities

Learn Chinese culture through interactive games and team activities.
Well-organized experience.

An experienced native teacher with TAS for 6 to 8 people.


Cross-cultural Training

Immersive language training with real-life scenarios and native speakers.

From beginner classes of Chinese business etiquettes to Mandarin masterclass of traditional and modern Chinese cultures.

Language Communication Skills

From complete beginners to BCT Level 3 and advanced CMBA courses for fluent speakers to use Mandarin at work.



One-to-One Private Training

Specifically designed courses made to match your individual goals.
Flexible timetables to work around your schedule. 
Anytime, anyplace and at the pace that suits you.