Marmalade Mandarin is a specialist Mandarin language company located in Birmingham, UK, that provides innovative language and cultural training courses custom designed for local companies, schools, and individual Mandarin learners.

we believe curiosity is the best teacher, so we utilize engaging games and authentic teaching materials to help learners explore their interests, boost their curiosity about Chinese culture as well as the Chinese language. The adoption of a learner-centered and communicative language teaching approach has proved to be a spectacular success.

Mandarin is a living language, and learning Mandarin is not only about the language, but also about the culture, history, society, and philosophy behind the language and the people who speak the language. Culture learning is, therefore, priority to language learning in our classes.
Since most of our learners come from a range of different cultural backgrounds, we start our courses from the very beginning. We explain how the Chinese language is created, along with the logic behind it and have found that an insight into the logic of Mandarin gives our students the ability to build solid language skills.

About Marmalade Mandarin 

We have developed our own teaching philosophy, unique teaching methods, and practical teaching materials to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for our students.  Our professional team of experienced teachers, researchers, and education advisers guarantee that participants receive a high-quality learning experience and outstanding service.

The sweetest way to learn Mandarin!

Our bespoke corporate programme helps companies to equip their staff with basic Mandarin speaking skills, whilst also arousing their interest in Chinese society and markets. We achieve this through communicative and practical activities as well as cross-cultural training, designed to give learners enthusiasm and insight into the Chinese culture and mindset.

Our bespoke school programme is customized for local schools and offers innovative teaching materials and a tailored teacher training service. Our goal is to help schools improve the quality of their Chinese language courses, thus broadening their students’ international perspectives, which will in turn enhance the school’s own reputation.

Our regular programme offers small dynamic classes where learners receive intensive training, enabling them to speak Mandarin clearly and confidently.  We focus on the practical uses of Mandarin combined with raising awareness of Chinese social culture, enabling participants to achieve their goal of speaking a new language in real life.




About Us


Marmalade Mandarin is an innovative Chinese cultural education company that originated

in the UK. We are committed to creating Chinese-English educational exchange platform for local English-speaking individuals, primary and secondary school students as well as local companies.

We provide professional and personalized services to make Chinese learning simple, practical, and easy.

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